About Us
XPLORICA is the official activity club of Future Institute of Engineering and Management, Sonarpur, Kolkata. It provides education and practical knowledge, beyond classroom teaching, and helps to develop one-self as an efficient individual. Xplorica has stepped into its 12th glorifying year in 2021, and has expanded itself into technical, non-technical, gaming, photography and various other interesting fields. All along these years, Xplorica has organized various events and workshops based on the mentioned fields. It organizes EXHIBIT, every year, at the beginning of the academic session, where models based on science and engineering are made and demonstrated. EXHIBIT seeks the true potential among students to make them better engineers in future. Furthermore, Xplorica conducts various workshops throughout the year, on a wide range of topics, many of which are outside the normal academic curriculum, but are a must to be at par with today’s fast growing technologies. The club also hosts the intra-college mini festival, YANTRA, where students of FIEM participate in various technical, non-technical and gaming events, in a quest to win attractive prizes and certificates. Xplorica also plays an integral role in organizing PHOENIX, the annual techno-management fest of FIEM, one of the leading techno-management fests among all the colleges of West Bengal. Not only has the club inspired hundreds of people and built up their self-confidence, but also motivated them to become the better version of themselves and prove to the world that they are no less. Over the years, Xplorica has given thousands of memories, a big number of fests and lots of happy moments to not just the students of FIEM, but also to the people outside this college. Also, the glory of Xplorica is much more than just the fests and events. Over the years, the members of team Xplorica have had several achievements in various National Level competitions, thus setting high benchmarks for the coming generations to follow.
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